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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! The Exclusive Inside Story Of The New Billionaire Behind Tech’s Hottest IPO

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan cut an unlikely figure as he addressed the cheering throng in the moments before ringing the opening bell at Nasdaq, his bashful grin giving way to a look of focus as he said, “A new game starts today.

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Hack your password before you get hacked!

What’s your password and when was the last time you changed it? It’s time to take your Pa$$w0rD strategy seriously.

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Introducing Monzo Plus

Earlier this year we published a long list of the things we were going to explore in 2019. One of those things was the option to buy ‘add-ons’ for your Monzo account.

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The Secret Sauce of Writely

I spent a fun hour talking with Sam Schillace of Writely. We talked about the uptake (enormous) and different approaches to the idea of word processing on the web, but two things really stuck with me: platform and people.

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