Side Projects

The story so far

  1. Travel a bit
  2. get a job
  3. Live in a house
  4. with someone amazing
  5. and a cute little kid
  6. Ride bikes together

Ideas (as yet unstarted)

  1. Smartthings app to tell you if your train is late
  2. Reverse Kickstarter (people pledge money against your idea until someone says they will take the money and do it)
  3. Some sort of thing to save the news
  4. Some sort of thing that saves democracy
  5. Some sort of thing that improves social mobility (
  6. Real time Ambient music stream generated from your activities from web usage, wearables and IoT sensors
  7. Taxi share
  8. Bad driving app
  9. Personal proximity warner
  10. Music Festival chooser
  11. AR Running App (chase the sandwich)
  12. Road bumps that play a tune if you go over them slowly enough
  13. Tin foil clothing brand to protect you from Wifi/Kinect
  14. Toothbrush that changes from grey to a nice bright colour when wet and then back as it dries out. Try and keep the colour by brushing your teeth regularly. Also reminds you if you brushed your teeth this morning or not.
  15. An image serving site where you could specify the subject matter, type and size of image:
    <img url=”” />
  16. IoT automation routines generated via machine learning
  17. AI/ML Drone decorators - roofs and high ceilings a speciality! Special Introductory Offer!
  18. Uber for "open" data (data that should/used to be open). Two sided marketplace, use blockchain/ethereum for contracts?

currently trying out:

  • Firefox (fine for browsing, ok for dev)
  • Zapier
  • Monzo
  • Amazon Echo Dot (and coding)

Smart/Wifi enabled:

  • Light bulbs
  • Power sockets
  • Motion sensors
  • Switches
  • Scales
  • Speakers
  • Watch
  • Thermostat
  • Buttons
  • Thingumies

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Nobody will be reading this far down.

I wonder how far can I get with no js, no build steps, no css preprocessor?

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