What is Weekly Digest?

I made this site to shows all of the articles I've read on Pocket, by week.

As I don't blog this is a different way of sharing the subjects and topics that I find interesting.

Over time I plan to add more features, such as stats, and different ways to search and order articles.

If you want something similar, send me a dm @conradj on Twitter or fork the project and crack on!

What is Pocket?

I use the Pocket read it later app a lot. I add loads of articles, and when I get a spare moment, I try and use Pocket, rather than hitting Twitter or Facebook.

Pocket is great, because it strips out all of the ads and other extraeneous parts of an article, and just gives you the text. It also works offline, which is a lifesaver on my daily commute, as I go through quite a few reception cold spots. It's great having something interesting to read wherever I am.